molding machines TOYO

Significant savings of operating costs till 50% in comparison with the classic hydraulic machines.


Single Screw and Barrel

for Extruders

aiming at different plastic products
the screw can be chosen from: general type,
pin type, barrier type, separation type,
and gas-exhausting type, etc...



Twin Screw and Barrel

The compression ratio of screw can be designed according to different products and ingredients.


Borra.cz - Machinery spare parts for plastics and rubber industry

Fast solutions in the event of shutdowns of the following extruder types: recycling, injection, blow moulding, retreading and also of the food industry factories machinery due to worn out parts such as:

Extrusion screws, cylinders, tempering systems, heart curve heads, granulating plates, rubber heads, cable coating heads

Modernisation and performance improvement of plastic, rubber and food industries machinery

Delivery of these parts within 21 days for favourable prices

Finishes in accordance with your requirements, design exactly to your specific needs.

High quality materials and processing

Free advice in the field of plastic, rubber and food industries extruders. Proposed solutions of technological and manufacturing problems.

Refurbishment of used machines, screw geometry and replacement of cylinders with higher performance types. Saving between 25% to 50% thanks to improved performance and reduction of costs when compared to the original spare parts' prices.

Contact us

Sales department:

Tomáš Holík
technician, konsultant
+420 777 320 261

Výhradní zastoupení

Společnost Borra s. r. o. je výhradním distributorem plně elektrických vstřikvacích lisů TOYO na ůzemí České Republiky a Slovenska. 

Elektrické vstřikovací lisy TOYO

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