Fully electric injection molding machines TOYO made in Japan.

30-years tradition in development and manufacturing of fully electric injection molding machines.
The Si-6 series – the 6th generation representing the top of the development with many proprietary elements.
The significant savings of operating costs till 50% in comparison with the classic hydraulic machines.

The machines are divided in three series
according to the clamping force

  • Small models from 50 till 230 t
  • Middle-sized models from 280 till 450 t
  • Large models from 680 till 1 300 t

Si-1000-6s - fully elektric molding machine

The advantage of fully electric in-mold machines are mainly theirs low energy consumption, working without oil, minimal cooling needs, environment friendliness. All this, including elimination of expensive wearing spare parts like pumps, proportional valves etc. leads to the significant lowering of operating costs on the one hand and to minimizing of failures and stand-times on the other hand. Overall the advantages of fully electric in-mold machines predestinate these machines for future massive expansion.

The benefit of electric injection molding machines TOYO is especially the 30-yearly experience with development and manufacturing of these machines and the famous Japanese solidity, precise manufacturing and technological advancement. The design of TOYO machines includes number of patents, mainly thanks to the collaboration with Kyoto University. Of course there is the standard connectivity of peripherals.

The Si-6 series marketed in 2014 also includes many enhancements in comparison with previous generation:

  • Wide range of injection units from the universal to the special use
  • New control system with navigation and automatic storing of data in the event of abnormal situation
  • Reduction of overall dimensions
  • Adjustments for ease to maintenance
  • Special form of toggle in clamping mechanism
  • Enhanced tie-bar clearance and increased possible height of mold
  • Moldings weight variations reduced by 10%
  • Significantly increased mold protection
  • Many of other additional features that enhance the injection process

More info you can find on: www.toyo-europe.de

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Tomáš Holík
technician, konsultant
+420 777 320 261

Výhradní zastoupení

Společnost Borra s. r. o. je výhradním distributorem plně elektrických vstřikvacích lisů TOYO na ůzemí České Republiky a Slovenska. 

Elektrické vstřikovací lisy TOYO

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